Corporate Social Responsibility at Wecovi

At Wecovi Service we fully adhere to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), whereby People, Planet and Profit are key concepts.


We adopt a ‘zero tolerance policy’ when it comes to child labour, discrimination, intimidation, violence and sexism. We strive to be a good employer, to our own staff but we also request this of our suppliers too. This is why we adopt an in-house code of conduct which all our suppliers must adhere to and which we proactively monitor.

Because we aim to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their work, various Wajongers (Young Disabled Persons) work in our production process too. We are also closely involved with social employment opportunities and with several apprenticeship, secondment and reintegration educational institutions.

Via sponsoring we support a number of cultural, societal and sporting activities. In addition, for many years now we have donated to various charities, including the Ronald McDonald house in Zwolle that knows it can count on an annual contribution.



In order to ensure a clean living environment we are frugal with raw materials and we minimise our emissions of harmful gases.  As such we utilise green electricity, efficient space heating and energy efficient lighting.  We also separate our waste and use bicycle couriers for our postal needs in Zwolle.

In order to reduce our paper mountain, we send our invoices digitally and work with a ‘paperless warehouse’. We also always print double-sided and only use FSC paper.

Our microfiber cloths bear the Nordic Ecolabel. This means that Wecovi belongs to a select group of organisations whose production processes meet the stringent health, environmental and climate criteria.



Naturally we operate with profits in mind. This is a prerequisite if our business is to thrive, yet is also a solid basis underpinning our CSR policy:  good employment practices stimulate employees and ensure higher productivity. And, because we save energy and are frugal with raw materials, we save on costs too.

We offer recreation businesses the choice between our standard products and ecological and fair trade alternatives. In this way, Green Key accredited organisations can order all their required sustainable products from us.

We are here for you

Derik Landman

Commercial Director

Hans Paul Visscher

Managing Director & Owner