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What started out as a jute sack repair company in 1953 – founded by Mr. F. Visscher – within two decades grew into a cleaning cloth distribution company. The reason? Jute sacks were ousted by plastic and paper bags, so founder Visscher sought a new challenge, which he found in a polishing cloth he saw lying on the table during a meeting with his sack supplier. Visscher bought five packs of these cloths and sold all of them the same afternoon to a number of local garages. The concept behind the new company was born.


Recipe for success for the recreation sector

Together with trade partner Wessels, Wecovi was founded in 1971; jointly known as Wessels en Visscher & Co. Visscher personally ensured that he alone was granted the exclusive right to sell the cleaning cloths in the Netherlands. And with success too: in its best year Wecovi realised a turnover of no less than 21,000,000 cloths. In 1980 Visscher bought his partner out and proceeded on his own; until the 90s when his son came to work at the company. He took over Wecovi in 1997.
Meanwhile, Wecovi has its own production department and continues to grow steadily. The most important recipe for success being the bundling of products into practical packs for the recreation sector. Aside from the cleaning packs – that still includes the same cleaning cloth –under the guise Wecovi Service, Wecovi offers coffee and tea sets, bathroom sets and welcome packs, in addition to its own floor pad range. Furthermore, the product range has been extended with a complete inventory for holiday accommodation: from sustainable beds and fresh sheets to a full crockery cupboard.

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Derik Landman

Commercial Director

Hans Paul Visscher

Managing Director & Owner