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Cleaning sets

Cleaning sets

For the convenience of your guest you can now order essential, readymade cleaning sets.This includes a standard garbage bag and a range of different detergents and dishwasher tablets. The carry bag will also include a toilet roll.

If you favour sustainable materials, please order our cardboard package made from recycled materials as well as our detergents and dishwasher tablets with the European eco-label.

Cleaning setsMenu
Cleaning set 1
€ 1,16 Per piece
Cleaning set 2
€ 1,38 Per piece
Cleaning set 3
€ 1,49 Per piece
Cleaning set 4
€ 1,42 Per piece
Cleaning set 5
€ 1,62 Per piece
Cleaning set 6
€ 1,57 Per piece
Basic cleaning set Washing-up
€ 0,82 Per piece
Basic cleaning kit Dishwasher
€ 0,93 Per piece
Cleaning set Eco
€ 1,75 Per piece
Cleaning set WS wrapper
€ 0,90 Per piece
Cleaning Set 7
€ 1,03 Per piece
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